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In July 2018, Google announced that Mobile Page Speed is an important factor when considering how Google will rank your site. Search Engine Land

No arguments about it – Site Speed is important. And if the quote above wasn’t enough reason to optimize your site for site speed. Think about Site Speed as a User Experience factor. Customers judge your company from the impression they get from your site. Think about the potentially missed sales, signups and new customers that can be saved with a faster site. In 2020, Users have gotten used to responsive, useable sites. Patience for slow sites is at an all time low.

Need another reason to consider Website Speed Optimzation Services?

Another Juicy Statistic:

52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.ImpactBnd

How do I check my site speed?

We Recommend the Google Page Speed Insights Tool

Google Page Speed Insights

The Page Speed Tool Broken Down Let’s break this down into a few different categories.
  1. Rendering Errors – Large Javascript Files and CSS files can cause this error.
  2. Image Optimization Issues -Serving Properly sized and lightweight images will help your site speed. Take the extra time to upload images at their preferred dimensions so the browser won’t have to scale them.
  3. Off Screen Images – A Lazy loading plugin will help with this.
  4. File size issues – “Minimize main thread work” is an indicator your files are too big. Minifying and removing unneeded files will help.
  5. Caching Policy – Leveraging a browser cache will help with this. If you have WordPress, you can find a number of Lazy Load Plugins.
  6. Other– Each site is different and may have its own set of challenges within the Page Speed Insight Tool.
How do I fix my site speed? A good rule of thumb is to use light themes or CMSs, reduce nonstatic components, scale images prior to uploading and limit the external resources needed to render your site. What do tools I need to do this? This isn’t too demanding from a tools -standpoint but you will need to have access to your sites FTP so you can modify the core files of your site. If you are on WordPress, you can accomplish these speed improvements using plugins and changing the core files of WordPress. Always have a backup and be warned that tampering with your WordPress core files can cause site instability. I can’t change the things that google page speed test is mad at me about. What else can I do? I would recommend getting a CDN from Cloudflare is you can. A CDN will help with the delivery of your mobile site. Contact us if you would like us to discuss our Website Speed Optimization Services with you. We’ve helped site owners like you fix their website speed issues. Talk Website Speed Optimization with a Digital Marketing Specialist
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