October 4, 2021

Case Study: +57% Organic Traffic After a Site Migration

Organic growth is key to any website's success. Find out how we helped our happy client achieve Organic SEO Growth.

The Challenge:

Does Your Site Speed Affect Your Organic Traffic?

Short Answer: Yes

Longer Answer: As of Jan 2017, Google will use site speed as a ranking factor to calculate if your site is worthy of coveted Page One positions in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages. Meaning if you want to make an impact on online in our mobile-friendly, instant access searchable business environment, you need to pay attention to Technical SEO practices.

Let us share the metrics of a client we helped in 2018.  We would like to present some of the initial concerns our client brought to us, share with you the steps we took to achieve this visibility and share with you the final results.

We worked with this client a brief time and during this short duration we communicated frequently to ensure projects were being developed and completed on time.

This example is a great showcase of what a Technical SEO specialist can achieve when the client and the SEO team work together efficiently, on a tightly focused Digital Marketing Plan.

The Solution:

Technical SEO Site Launch Best Practices From A Specialist

What Client needed:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content Organization
  • SEO Auditing and Recommendations

What TopsailDigital provided:

  • Technical SEO
  • Site Speed Optimizations

               ◦ Minifying Javascript

               ◦ Image Optimization

               ◦ CSS optimization

               ◦ Schema Markup

  • Content Optimization

               ◦ Optimized Existing Content with a tighter Keyword Focus

               ◦ Created extra emphasis on Top Keywords through internal linking

  • SEO Auditing and Recommendations

               ◦ Adjustments to Google Analytics Tracking for better Key Performance Indicator reporting

What We saw:

Since our project concluded we can see a swell of Organic Traffic. This chart indicates a 97% growth in Organic traffic when comparing 30 days in mid April through maid May 2018 versus the same interval in 2017.  The 2018 traffic is the blue line, while the 2017 traffic is the orange line.

TopSailDigital worked with the client for 90 days to achieve these results. We helped our client achieve +57% Organic growth in the first 90 days (pictured in orange) versus the previous 90 days (blue line).

Taking a step back, We can see organic growth from a historical perspective as well. Pictured in orange is 90 days in 2018 versus the same 90 days in 2017. This constituted a Organic Growth of 124% when comparing 90 days in 2018 versus 2017.


If you are interested in a Technical SEO Audit, increasing your site speed or simply getting new fans of your site across the web.

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