August 28, 2021

Why is Google Changing my Meta Titles and Descriptions?

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In this article we are going to explain one of the most common SEO issues I hear often. Google’s stated goal is trying to give a better search experience for its users. 

Common Reasons:  

  •  Meta title and/or description do not match content on page.
  • Meta title and/or description is too long or too short.

Google allows you to put any length of characters inside your  meta description. However this display issues occur when they are above this sort of threshold. 

Here Are The Ways I Fix It:

1. Screaming Frog

It is a paid tool, but free for the first 500 pages. I highly recommend it because it’s an excellent tool. Basically, it crawls your site like a google web crawler would and sends you a handy dashboard to look at or export to sheets to edit. The paid version is worth it for larger sites. 

2. Bing Web Mastertool 

Bing really has stepped it up. While Google Search Console’s newest iterations have fewer features, Bing Web Mastertool is pretty awesome at auditing your site for free.

3. Ahrefs 

It is a paid site audit tool, it will tell you whatever errors and what needs to be fixed on your on site. It’s quite thorough and dense, but if you have an ahrefs account already, setting it up is easy. Ahrefs is the gold standard for seo tools now, consider getting it for your sites to get their audit tool as well as  their web analysis / seo tools. 

How To Re-Write Meta Title And Meta Description? 

You’ll need a word counter, you can check the character counter of your meta title and meta description based on google’s standards. 

The meta title length is 55-65 characters and meta description is 155-165 characters. 

You can also put your meta title and meta description on your google sheet. And as you rewrite them you can use the length features. I love using the LEN feature that I talk about in my video to calculate the character count of the meta titles and descriptions for a perfect fit!

Final Thoughts

When Google is substituting your meta descriptions, it’s best to check how long they are. If they are too long or short, Google often will substitute the meta title and meta description. Hopefully, this post has helped you understand why Google changes your Meta and how to fix it. Thanks for reading!

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