SEO and Digital Marketing Tools We Love

Customers, Clients & Colleagues ask me about the toolkit TopSailDigital uses daily to deliver great results to the sites and brands we represent.

As true Tech Nerds, we are happy to oblige.

Here is a snapshot of the tools we use and love. Stay tuned to this list, as it may change in the future.


(Paid: $190/month – Some Free Features)
Ahrefs Site

Why we love it:

Ahrefs is an SEO’s best friend! Many seo tools say that they can do it all, but many fall short of the features provided by Ahrefs

What it’s used for? What does it do best?

Ahrefs can handle your Competitor Research, Backlink Research, Keyword Tracking, Organic Position Scanning, Branded and Top-Keyword Rankings. By putting in the url of your own site or the compettion’s site, you can see many site dimensions like: their organic traffic, PPC ads and so much more. The monthly plan is quite higher than the competition, but getting all these tools in one spot is a great deal.

SEO Chrome Extension: Mozbar

(100% Free)
Get The Mozbar Extension for Chrome

Why we love it:

The Mozbar is a great addition to add to any SEO’s Chrome Browser. As you are browsing using chrome, you can quickly see a site’s Page Authority, Domain Authority and Meta elements easily.

What it’s used for? What does it do best?

When browsing competitor sites, it’s easy to get SEO metrics, right in your browser.

SEO Chrome Extension: Keywords Everywhere

(100% Free)
Get The Keywords Everywhere Extension for Chrome

Why we love it:

Tired of going back and forth between Google Keyword Planner and the SERP searches? Keywords Everywhere brings keyword volume to each SERPS page in chrome!

<h6″>What it’s used for? What does it do best? When you have this extension installed, you can see the Average Monthly Search Volume and see related search queries and their respective Search Volumes.


WordPress Site Hosting: WPEngine

(Paid: Plans vary)
WP Engine – Plans Please Note: We recieve an affiliate commission if you sign up with this link.




Why we love it:

Not all hosting providers are created equal. For WordPress sites, WPEngine is the fastest and the easiest to get up and running

What it’s used for? What does it do best?

Nightly backups, great customer support, free cdns, Free Staging and Development domains are all great reasons to go with WPEngine.

SEO/Web Use Chrome Extension: LinkClump

(100% Free)
Get Linkclump

Why we love it:

With link clump, doing competitor research in the Search Engine Results Pages is easy. Google your favorite keyword. Click and drag to select all of the results link and paste them directly in Excel.

What it’s used for? What does it do best?

Importing links directly to Excel allows you to see who’s ranking for your desired keywords and you can conduct further analysis in Excel. I use this tool pretty much every day. This pairs well with SEOTools for Excel!

SEO Analysis Extension for Excel: SEOTools

(100% Free)
SEO Tools for Excel

Why we love it:

Once you have all the your competitor’s sites or your own top pages in excel, getting H1, Meta Data, Meta Keywords and other valuble SEO elements is easy. This tool crawls the URLS stored in the Excel doc and returns them right there.

What it’s used for? What does it do best?

I use this for competitor research, to check meta titles, h1’s and meta descriptions or when auditing sites for keyword alignment. This saves me a ton of time as I can see all this data in excel without the need for the back and forth between Chrome and Excel.

SEO Crawler: Screaming Frog

(Free Version Available – Crawls up to 500 pages per site. Perfect for small blogs or small business sites)
Screaming Frog

Why we love it:

Screaming Frog crawls sites using bots, just as the Google indexing bots do. Ever wondered how your site appears to Google? (Yes, you can always Fetch and Render in Google Search Console). After Screaming Frog crawls, export the data into excel for some great insight.

<h6″>What it’s used for? What does it do best?Getting a list of all the 404 errors on ANY site has never been easier. As an alternative to getting your own meta data using SEOtools for excel, you can use Screaming Frog and export to excel. This tool is also neat because if a site has some protection you can see it happen in real time as they DENY the Screaming Frog spiderbots.


Copy/Paste Clipboard Manager: Ditto

Get Ditto

Why we love it:

Have you ever wondered how to store a number of keywords, addresses or photos in your copy paste clipboard? No? Well, just you wait.

What it’s used for? What does it do best?

I find myself copying keywords, average monthly search volumes, brand names & other strings into excel, chrome and any number of my coole SEO tools mentioned on this page. With Ditto, I press alt+ v to display a pallette of the strings of character I have copied in the last day. You read that right, in the last day. Rather than writing out a customer’s address, for example, and drop it in with one keystroke. Seconds matter in SEO! Get lean and mean!

Competitor Site Analyzer:

Use Builtwith

Why we love it:

Do you want to find out what tool suites your competitor is using for their site? Now you can with BBuiltwith

What it’s used for? What does it do best?

After a quick scan, Builtwith tells you so much about any site on the web. Learn if they are using marketing plugins like Hotjar or Google Analytics or find out if they are on WordPress or a custom CMS. I use this when I am sizing up a client’s site before I start working because I am familiar WordPress and Shopify. Anything else requires more homework. With Buildwith, you can size up your competition or your next SEO project.

And Finally- Here are some Ubiquitous Google/Microsoft Tools that I couldn’t live without.

Frankly, each one of these deserves their own page. I could go on for hours about these tools and their impact on Digital Marketing, but these platforms have a following online with countless guides written for them.

  • Google Analytics- Track any interaction on your site with Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio – Connect all your Digital Marketing Platforms. Get PDF reports done in one swoop!
  • Google Tag Manager – Google Analytics Tracking on steroids. Track any interaction on your site using a plethora of connections to other Services like Facebook, Hubspot. Very useful for more advanced user metric tracking or complex websites.
  • Google Ads – Create targetted advertising right there in the Google SERPS
  • Google Search Console – An SEO/Web Master’s best friend. Diagnose site health, apply microdata and keep Google happy with your site.
  • Microsoft Excel – Yes I know Google Sheets exists. No, I don’t want to use Google Sheets
  • Gmail – This may seem like a “no duh” moment. but I send a lot of email. Outlook can jealously pine for my attention again. But Gmail is king in my book.

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