August 28, 2021

Case Study: New Site Launches And SEO

SEO matters at every website life cycle. But this is doubly true at sitte migration time. Learn how we turned a site migration into an SEO Opportunity for our happy client

The Challenge:

How To Ensure New Site Will Get The Attention It Needs?

Often, we are approached by business owners like yourself and they have questions about site launches, migrating domains and changing their site.

Site migrations and creations are an endeavor for businesses of any size. How do you ensure your new site will get the attention it needs? If you have an existing site, how do you not lose precious traffic in this process?

Partnering with an Experienced SEO can help your site creation or migration go as smooth as possible.

What the Client Needed:

  • A New SEO-Ready site that loads quickly
  • Migration of Current site assets to the New Site
  • Google Analytics Dashboard Creation for Reporting of KPIs

The Solution:

Partner With An Experienced SEO

What TopSailDigital Provided:

  • New WordPress Site
  • New Unique Content focused on their Services
  • Google My Business Optimizations to stay current with Google Maps
  • New PayPerClick AdWords Campaign

What We Saw:

The Project Officially Launched in October and with SEO Site Creation and SEO Services provided by TopSailDigital. We saw:

  • 250% Growth Month over Month (Month 1 vs Month 2)
  • 150% Growth Month over Month (Month 2 vs Month 3) as we moved into the Holiday Season 2018
  • 700% Increase in Customer Interactions (Phone Calls and Request More information Emails) taken on site (Month 1 to Month 2)

The Bottom line:

This Client is still experiencing growth in Month 4 of this project. Seeing traffic starting from 0 to nearly 10 visitors/day on a site in a smaller population area of the US within 90 days, in a competitive niche, has made this client many more appointments and a happy TopSailDigital Customer.  

If you are ready to take your web visibility to the next level to get more happy clients for your business, Please contact us today.

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