August 28, 2021

Longtail Keyword Generation in Google Sheets

Let me help you accelerate your keyword research with my long-tail keyword generations tips. Time is money, find more keywords faster.

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Accelerate Your Generation Of Long-Tail Keywords

If you have ever tried to generate long tail keywords, you know how time consuming the process can be. 

I want to share with you how you can accelerate your long tail keyword research using formulas in Excel or Google sheets.  

What Is A Long-Tail Keyword?

To start off, I’ll define what I mean by “long-tail keywords.”

Obviously, you have a base keyword or keywords that relates to your content. When we refer to long tail keywords, basically that is the base keyword along with any modifiers to either the front or back of the word. 

The benefit of these keywords is that they are much more specific. 

To really generate a large number of these specialized keywords, we may want to add hundreds or even thousands of these modifiers as we are doing keyword research. 

The Benefit Of Long-Tail Keywords

Especially if you are wanting to cover a large geographic area — you may want to target many zip codes that people might use in a search. 

Often there is a common recipe for creating these long tail keywords. 

Front-end modifiers are an adjective or descriptive word, then comes our keyword. At the back end you will find either a piece of geo- or location content or a “for” phrase. Here are a couple of examples of common long-tail keywords to give you a sense of what I mean using the keyword “salons”:

  • Best salons in Seattle 
  • Best salons in Boston 
  • Affordable salons in Seattle 
  • Affordable salons for extensions 
  • Best salons for extensions 

You can see how many combinations you may need to put together depending on the campaign you are working on. With pay per click, I find myself writing a lot of repetitive keywords. 

For example, you could use the same front modifier and pair it with a thousand different zip codes. 

Generating Long-Tail Keywords Efficiently  

Anyone doing keyword research on the local SEO side or the pay-per-click side will undoubtedly benefit from a shortcut. And definitely try this out if you’re doing content research. Arefs does a great job if you drop in your base keyword and you want to look at the results. 

But using long-tail keywords allows your research to be very refined.

We look at the example “red shoes.” If I am selling shoes online and I want to improve my website, there are some easy ways I can do that. 

I can look for commercial keywords and eliminate the unrelated searches. I want to show you how to generate good commercial long-tail keywords, or at least very specific ones. 

Then you can drop them all into your keyword tool and get the data on them. 

Creating A Long-Tail Keyword Generator  

This keyword generator is available in sheets by clicking the top of this post beneath the video. \

You can go ahead and click on the link in the description to generate this but ideally, I want you to be able to do this yourself after going through it a few times. Then you can play with it to help suit your needs and make it really effective. 

I have my prefix, my front. And I’ve got three fronts, which are adjectives, to my base keyword and then we have our suffixes, which are the geographic terms. 

To get the return you want, you’re going to want to do more than three. If there are only three keywords, you could just do this yourself. I’m talking about if you have a list of maybe 50 cities or 50 modifiers and you’re really trying to open up that longtail keyword research. 

Generating Lists For Keyword Research 

Once you have your keywords on your Google sheets page, follow these steps to start generating long-tail keywords:

  • Open up your formula cell and select your first prefix. 
  • Write the formula connecting each of the cells with an ampersand sign. 
  • Leave a space – quotes, space, close quotes, ampersand, and then your base keyword.
  • To add the suffix, again use the ampersand, open quotes, close quotes, ampersand, and right. 
  • If you want to bind or the same base keyword throughout the page, by adding a dollar sign and dollar sign in between the cell characters, that tells sheets, I don’t want you to stray from that base keyword. 

After you have generated a decent list of long-tail keywords, you can load these up into our keyword planner. 

To do that, paste values only in a separate cell to maintain your formula to reference later. 

Use this keyword generator to create collections of specific long-tail keywords and your keyword research will just explode.  

A Keyword Tool With Many Uses

This is a great tool to use when you are entering a new niche or when you begin working with a new client. Or when an existing client opens a new location in a new geo or when you’re starting a new content offering. 

Looking at all the long-tail keywords is very helpful in many cases. If you use this stuff to feed your keyword tools, I think you’re gonna find a lot of interesting keyword keywords that you can target right. 

I hope that was helpful. If you need the long-tail generator sheet, it’s available here

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