Not sure if your current site is up to standard or do you have specific SEO Questions? Apply Here


    • How much will this cost? Our SEO Audits cost $500 per site but we cover a range of topics.
    • What do I get out of this SEO Audit? We will meet in a 60 minute meeting. I will have a Presentation Docuemnet that we will talk about and it’s downloadable. If you’d like, we can record the session too.
    • How long will this take? We will have a about an hour screen share session using Zoom.
    • What’s Zoom? It’s a screensharing platfrom that allows us to talk using your computer microphone (or 800 #) and we can review this auditing document.
    • What are we going to cover?
      Here a non-exhaustive list oof the topics covered in your SEO Audit:
      1. Keyword Audit – What keywords your site currently is ranking for and how we can leverage new keywords.
      2. Content Check – Are you utiliziing content that delivers keywords your audience is using to describe your site or service?
      3. Schema and Microdata Inclusion – Think of Schema Microdata as a condensed menu/table of contents for Web Crawlers to read to understand your site better. Search Engine bots love schema!
      4. Site Speed Optimizations – We’ve mentioned how crucial site speed is in our other pages. Don’t neglect this important SEO ranking factor!
      5. Site Infrastructure – Does your site have any un-needed technical issues that might prevent our Web Crawlers from seeing your site?
      6. Sitemaps – As it sounds, Sitemaps help Web Crawlers find your most important content.
      7. Responsive Mobile Web Design – Non-mobile ready sites will have trouble ranking since Google has announced that Mobile Search Speed is a ranking factor.
      8. 404 Errors – Fixing all the content “holes” your site may have.
      9. Internal Linking– If you aren’t linking to the most important content on your own site, how do the bots know what’s a content priority?
      10. SSL and Site Security– Letting both the Crawlers and your Users know that your site is secure will reassure everyone your site is a safe place to read and learn more.
      11. Backlink Checking – If you have had any “less-than-reputable” SEO work done, you can tell Google that you want to distance yourself from those links.
    • What if I have to cancel? Let us know via email or our contact page and we can reschedule. It’s important that we talk “face to face” on this report.