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Google celebrated its 20th birthday in September of 2018 and it’s changed the way we buy, browse, search and live.

Since desktop, tablet and mobile phone users are comfortable searching for goods, services or information online, a worldwide turf war is in full swing ever second of every day.

Here’s a fact to put it in context:

Google serves up 6 billion searches a day (source)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The process of changing your site to appear for specific keywords.

Who might need an SEO Specialist?

Simply put, Search Engines are the largest information brokers that have ever existed. When consumers make purchasing decisions, choose where to travel or just want to learn, they first turn to their devices to help with the search.

SEO visibility is important to brands and business owners to appear for their own branded keywords, as well as their product/services keywords.

EG: If a dental office in Austin is branded as SuperGleamDental. The company’s website would likely want to show up for their branded term “SuperGleamDental” as well as keywords like “Teeth whitening near me” and “pediatric dentistry austin”.

SEO Agencies have experience optimizing client sites for keyword placement, increasing traffic and getting your site in front of a relevant audience.

Organic Traffic? Why not just do Pay Per Click or Facebook Ads?

Great Question. When a user lands on your site through organic traffic, they are assured you an authority on the topic, since Google has awarded your site an attractive organic position. Organic traffic cannot be “bought” like paid digital marketing efforts.

What do SEO Agencies do to affect my Organic Traffic?

By coordinating efforts with your team, TopSailDigital is able to provide a custom digital marketing campaign for your brand or business.

  • Auditing and Onboarding – We first take the time to speak with you and understand your brand’s core offerings and goals
  • Keyword and Market Opportunity Analysis – We identify the best fitting keywords by analyzing your site and the competition.
  • Custom Digital Marketing Plan Creation – A ground-up digital marketing plan is created – tailored to your brand and goals
  • Content Creation – Using the keywords identified in our auditing and research, our seo specialists can help craft compelling, keyword driven content.
  • Technical and Site Fixes – With consistent effort and communication, we will work together to deliver results, regardless of technical issues or lack of content is holding us back
  • Reporting Sessions – Reporting, Monitoring, tweaking, and analysis is conducted each month to ensure your campaign is focused and on track

I had a previous SEO agency do SEO for my site. We are no longer with that SEO company. Can TopSailDigital help?

Yes, with any SEO project, we do an initial SEO and Site Health audit. This audit and market research are used to create our custom SEO plan.

This sounds a lot like Content Marketing. How is this SEO different than Content Marketing?

Although there are some close similarities with Content Marketing, a well-organized SEO campaign will have more technical focuses like site infrastructure, structured data, backlink profile analysis and more.

Most astute SEO specialists would advise that Content Marketing be a component of your SEO Campaign.

I’ve heard Organic SEO takes a lot of time. Is that true?

It certainly can be. Every company, industry, site and SEO campaign is different. Keep in mind that in order for your site to appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) you need to surpass many of your competitors.

Any site regardless of size, industry or services offered can benefit from enhanced digital visibility.

Get more followers or readers, Sell more products, delight more customers. These are the goals of the top-performing sites on the web and we can help your site succeed online.

To learn more, the following Services are offered by our Austin SEO Company.

Sometimes your site has done everything right and it just needs a little extra lift. TopSailDigital offers Paid-Online-Marketing to increase engagement and get you new brand fanatics.


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