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The Digital Marketing Landscape can be a challenge to navigate. Find opportunities, assess technical hurdles or chat keyword discovery with an SEO. With our Digital Marketing Visibility Audit, Expert help is on the way!

How much will this cost?
Our SEO Audits cost $500 per site but we cover a range of topics.

What do I get out of this SEO Audit?
We will meet in a 60 minute meeting. I will have a Presentation Document that we will talk about and it’s downloadable. If you’d like, we can record the session too.

What’s Google Hangouts?
It’s a screen sharing platform that allows us to talk using your computer microphone (or 800 #) and we can review this auditing document.

What are we going to cover?
Here a non-exhaustive list of the topics covered in your SEO Audit:
  Keyword Audit – What keywords your site currently is ranking for and how we can leverage new keywords.

 Content Check – Are you utilizing content that delivers keywords your audience is using to describe your site or service?

 Schema and Microdata Inclusion – Think of Schema Microdata as a condensed menu/table of contents for Web Crawlers to read to understand your site better. Search Engine bots love schema!

 Site Speed Optimizations – We’ve mentioned how crucial site speed is in our other pages. Don’t neglect this important SEO ranking factor!
Site Infrastructure – Does your site have any un-needed technical issues that might prevent our Web Crawlers from seeing your site?

 Sitemaps – As it sounds, Sitemaps help Web Crawlers find your most important content.

 Responsive Mobile Web Design – Non-mobile ready sites will have trouble ranking since Google has announced that Mobile Search Speed is a ranking factor.

404 Errors – Fixing all the content “holes” your site may have.

Internal Linking– If you aren’t linking to the most important content on your own site, how do the bots know what’s a content priority?

SSL and Site Security– Letting both the Crawlers and your Users know that your site is secure will reassure everyone your site is a safe place to read and learn more.

Backlink Checking – If you have had any “less-than-reputable” SEO work done, you can tell Google that you want to distance yourself from those links.

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"He's knowledgeable in several areas: backlinking, local SEO, PPC, and even web development. Where clients may hire two contractors for a project, Phil can accomplish it all. His technical expertise is valuable to the group, and I look forward to learning more alongside him in years to come."

Jacob Smedley
Manager at Smedley Digital

"Phil has been a superstar to work with! He is reliable, he is driven, and he lives and breathes digital."

Natalie Athanasiadis
Founder of Ormi Media

"Phil is a great partner. He has been serving as an extension of my team for close to a year and we have been very happy working with him. We work in an extremely competitive market so the organic search gains attributed to Phil's work are both impressive in themselves, but they've also been extremely important to our organization."

Chad Stewart
Digital Marketing Manager at First Service Credit Union

"I am very happy to recommend Phil. He gave me the opportunity to work on three different projects for his clients, which I really enjoyed. He communicated each client's vision perfectly to allow me to deliver on the client's needs. I admire the passion he puts in this work and his clients; I would recommend him to any company that is in need of generating leads."

Santiago Enciso
Software Engineer at Q2

"My site was performing at around a score of 40 or 50 (out of 100) on the Google PageSpeed Insight tool, and one page in particular was only getting a 19!Within about 1 to 2 hours, he was able to get my speed up to a 92 out of 100! He even took the time to explain WHAT he was looking at, and HOW he was fixing each problem (teaching me how to fish).I would HIGHLY recommend Phil for your SEO needs, and especially for improving the speed of your site."

Kevin Young
Owner of Kyecom

"I've worked on many accounts with Phil and he's always been very helpful, going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure clients are happy. He's a master at client interaction, on-site SEO and link building. In addition, he's always bringing new ideas to the table, and is constantly striving to learn more about digital marketing."

Brandon Schroth
SEO Consultant at Nomad SEO

"He is committed to client success through SEO and PPC services. Capable of designing need Digital Marketing Projects or working as part of the team, he would be a great addition to any company's Digital Marketing Plan."

Hayim Pinson
Editor In Chief at Muscle and Brawn

"Phil is an excellent SEO and an asset to any team that I highly recommend. In my time working with Phil, I was constantly impressed with his technical SEO knowledge, his ability to implement and track strategy, as well as his skill at managing client expectations while going above and beyond to deliver results."

Leslie Ramey
SEO Solutions Consultant

"Phil came into the picture at a key moment in the development of our business at Pro Valet. He was patient, versatile, easy to work with, and never hesitated to go the extra mile so we could fully understand and tailor his services to suit our unique needs."

Santiago Ramos
Cloud Logistics Coordinator, Pro Valet Trash

"Phil is a self-training self starter. When he encounters a problem, he researches solutions and brings them to the conference table."

Alex Wise
Owner of NomadSEO

"Phil has been a great compatriot of mine in Online Marketing and is always able to find the solutions each client is seeking. He is highly proficient in SEO, Site Speed Optimization and Google Analytics reporting. I would recommend him for any marketing endeavor or to improve your websites User Experience."

Robin Mannas
Owner of Firebrothers Inc

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