The Best SEO Podcasts (As Chosen by Phil of TopSailDigital)

Quick Disclaimer – This is my personal opinion, there are no offical awards being handed out. You may have different favorite podcasts, thats ok too

SEO and Digital Marketing can feel like an echo chamber at times, and for a while, I shut myself off to the noise. There are many “experts” in this field who parrot the opinions of more advanced SEOs without adding their own spin or perspective. You won’t find that here. Check out these great podcasts for their content quality, amazing guests and the helpfulness of their advice (actionable!)


Our Favorite SEO and Digital Marketing Podcasts


Experts on the Wire

Why We like Experts on the Wire This is my first true Digital Marketing Podcast and I have watched Dan’s Podcasting develop since he started a few years back. He’s managed to get some top tier SEO talent on his show as well as super insightful guests that I have never heard of. Check the show notes for the topic of the podcast to see if it’s something you can utilize, because he has many episodes to choose from.

Experts on the Wire on Spotify
Experts on the Wire on Apple

Authority Hacker

Why We Like Authority Hacker Mark and Gael of Authority Hackers are very intelligent Affiliate Marketers. Also, they are process oriented, like me. I can always use new tips to keep my systems in place and running smoothly. The show is not brand new by any respect and their awesome catalog will have your listening for a while.

Authority Hacker on Spotify
Authority Hacker on Apple

Here are a few that are worth mentioning but aren’t included above for one reason of another.

Keywords Everywhere

Why We Like Keywords Everywhere Keywords Everywhere is a great SEO tool and The Keywords Everyuwhere was a great but short lived podcast! I can’t give it a full endorsement becasue there was only 5 or 6 Episodes. Those Episodes are still quite good! If anyone is listening, Please Consider bringing this back!

Keywords Everywhere on Spotify
Keywords Everywhere on Apple

Web Equity Show

Why We Like Web Equity This is techinically not an SEO podcast but is a super interesting look on how to develop, maintain and eventually sell your own sites. Juctin and Ace are master website portfolio advisors and dig into the fine art of running more than one online business at once!

Web Equity Show on Spotify
Web Equity Show on Apple

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