August 9, 2021

Why Use Google Tag Manager? Explained

Google Tag Manager can benefit your site in a big way. Learn my top 4 reasons you should start using GTM today.

Four Reasons To Start Using Google Tag Manager Now

If you have watched some of my videos, you probably already know how often I recommend Google Tag Manager.

If you don’t yet understand the value of using Google Tag Manager, I wanted to share a little bit about why I find it helpful and why you should start using it today.

What Is Google Tag Manager?

Before I jump into the reasons you should be using GTM, let’s talk about what it is. 

Basically, Google Tag Manager is a box for a container of code that sits on your site. Every time you make changes to some of the tracking codes inside your site, you don’t have to edit the site’s header in live, but rather, you’ll edit the container within Google Tag Manager. 

GTM lets you save the time and stress of editing a live site. 

1. GTM Allows For Fewer Site Changes

Sometimes code editing and site changes are annoying. One simple site change to set up Google Tag Manager will allow all future site changes to be made in the container as far as your tracking pixels. 

Doing some of this work today will save you some stress down the road. 

2. Makes Pixel/Tag Management Easy

If you can add and remove Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Google Ads Marketing without editing the site as your site’s needs and utilities grow, that is an incredibly efficient way to work. 

3. It's Easy To Implement Google Analytics

II have a few videos that talk about this concept in depth. Google Tag Manager and the new Google Analytics 4 work really well together. 

It’s definitely worth it to start using them together if you aren’t already. 

4. Event Tracking Is Awesome

 mentioned before that Google Analytics 4 does awesome event tracking. It’s actually easier when using GTM. 

I hope this made it a little more clear why I value GTM and why you should check it out now. 

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