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Does your Business Have Clear, Actionable Digital Marketing Reporting?

If not, you aren’t alone. 

FACT: Many companies have Reporting Issues that make difficult digital marketing decisions even tougher.

Years ago, I was tired of impartial, difficult to update and non-actionable boilerplated Performance Dashboards. My clients had expressed a need for more robust, intelligent reporting and I knew I had an opportunity to make their lives and mine easier.

The Solution:

Google Data Studio

At that time, I decided that it was time to consider moving all my reporting (no more copy/ pasting from one Dash to another) to one true “Source of Truth”.

I ended up building a robust and functional Google Data Studio Report that could deliver Google Ads, Social Media Tracking, Google Search Console and Conversion Data from Google Analytics. With the help of a UX Designer, I turned this reporting into a lengthy but easy-on-the-eyes report that anyone could read after a brief orientation session.

What are the advantages of Google Data Studio Reports?

  • Real-Time Data – View Real-Time Traffic Data or look back in time with a convenient Date Slider
  • OmniChannel – Track all your conversions on your Website (or landing pages) and get the Source of the Traffic. This is useful for finding out which traffic segments are converting and where they come from
  • Shareable – Send a link to a colleague or print a PDF for meetings. Formatting is easy with Google Data Studio
  • ROI Focused – Attribute traffic to conversions that happen on your sites (and landing pages). Evaluating Campaign Performance Simplified.

How do I know if I need help with my Campaign / Website Reporting?

I typically have clients fall into one of two categories before I help them:

Reporting - Team working on google data studio

Category 1: Oops

  • Startup Phase – with little to no tracking
  • Which channels are working?
  • What is the best source of traffic?
  • Who is converting and how did they end up here?

Category 2: Drowning in Data

  • We Don’t know how everything fits together
    multiple sources of truth
  • Too many reports!

Typically uncomfortable for Marketing Manager – especially when asked about campaign performance

How does TopSailDigital Help with your Reporting Issues?

We will employ my latest Google Data Studio reporting. I do all the setup and connections. You get a shiny new dashboard that you can reference at anytime and get up-to-date traffic and conversion data.

Your new Reporting will user in a new era of digital awareness.

Category 3: Clean Data and One Source of Truth

  • Full Channel Conversion Tracking in as Fewest Steps as Possible
  • Conversions happen on your site (or landing pages), Is sent to Google Analytics and Reporting Occurs on One Report in Google Data Studio
  • Top Down Campaign Performance!

The Bottom Line:

Your Marketing Team deserves to have clear, meaningful reporting that tells you which digital channels are performing the best. 

We’ve helped clients like you find out which Digital Channels perform the best and optimize those channels for even better results.

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