In House vs FreeLance vs Agency: Which is best for your Business?

Most of us have these dilemma, 

“I have a lot of content ideas – but haven’t done anything about it”

“I’ve scheduled time to write content each week and when that rolls around I freeze”

“I just stop or never did content marketing because I don’t know where to start or get lost”


We wanna show you some strategies on how to overcome these. 


Strategy 1.


Get Perfect Positioning by knowing your Audience

This strategy was told a million times before, but knowing your audience avatars and demographics are super helpful when positioning your content. You really need to know “Who am I talking to?”. If it helps you we created this little buttons that we have saved on trello when working on content. With that you can always go back to them and that really helps because you want to explore who these people are, what their need are, and how you can help them with your content. 

Strategy 2.


Know the Funnel 

(Position offer in your content to support conversions)

You want to make sure that you understand the funnel and you want to understand the different types of content that work in different portions or different segments of that funnel. The funnel is a sort of assessment of someone’s awareness as they go from a complete stranger to somebody who interacts with your brand. You can check out also that video to learn more about this.

Strategy 3.


Beat Writer’s Block by Getting Organized

Build a Content Calendar

Establish a publish interval (realistic)

Make it as easy  as possible to produce content 

Rinse, repeat

When you sit down and write a content the idea is that you know what you’re writing about. Our strategy is to write content on Thursday, and we don’t want to wait until Thursday morning for us to figure out what we’ll write about. The way you do that is by laying out all your content on a content calendar. You’re going to establish a publishing interval, a realistic one. You got to work on an interval that you can maintain. Probably, you want to work out all the bumps. Your first few pieces of content are going to take a quite long time to get started but rinse and repeat this process. It is going to be easier and if you stick with the cadence that you can work with. Having a content calendar will help you immensely because you’re not sitting down and wondering what am I writing about today. 

Strategy 4

Get a Schedule & Stick to it – Accountability Partner / Habit Tracker App

What you probably need is an accountability partner and a habit tracker app. Habit tracker app works perfectly fine because they annoy you at a related interval and say “Hey, have you done your content this week?” An accountability partner is a little different, 90% of us are solo on these projects whether it’s a client or a personal blog or a project. Having somebody you can meet with, at a regular interval to talk about goals is really important. 


Strategy 5.


Give Google What It Wants – Don’t Ignore Video


Incorporating videos sounds like a lot, we’re gonna add this link to Brian Dean’s discussion video on marketing. Basically, to kick it off he starts with 82 percent of all web traffic will be video in 2022. Google has already said that they like videos. We want to share with you an old story, back when websites were all written content, web developers were complaining because they had to add visuals, infographics, photos to the content. Now all of these websites have photos and everything and now the responsibility of the web developer to create engaging content bumped up a new level and google is going to expect more and more videos. You can check out incorporating video into your content marketing in 2021 because mostly we’re not in 2010 anymore. Broadband has allowed video to be ubiquitous, we spend more of our time watching videos like this one all day, so we can consider google’s request to have video. 


Strategy 6. 

Interview “Pen Shy” subject matter experts 

Professionals who have the knowledge and expertise that you need typically don’t have the time. They don’t have the writing skills nor do they want to write content, nor do they want to help you write content. So what we do is record interviews with writing adverse subject matter experts. We’re going to record interviews, transcribe them and make written content. Combining our keyword research with the interviews with the subject matter experts can achieve amazing content. We encourage you to do the same, subject matter experts are typically busy professionals that don’t have time to write content. If you’re writing content that’s outside of your expertise, so interview them, get them used to being on interview. You can transcribe interviews and make that content written. 


Strategy 7

(Grab this book)

One Hour Content Plan

Meera Kothand

One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand. We certainly encourage you everyone to check this book. 

 I’m a big fan of phone call conversions for my local SEO clients. 

So if you have any questions or want to optimize for phone call conversions, this video is for you. Alright, let’s hit it with the theme music and get started.

Okay, as I mentioned, I’m a big fan of local SEO call conversion. So I’m going to share with you why I think these are really great conversions and very valuable ones. 

Step number one

is this low friction seriously, most people are on the site on their phone anyways, by my fuzzy guesstimation numbers, I think 70% or more of my local business site sessions are on the mobile phone. So getting in touch with a customer that way is a low friction way, especially if you’re a local service provider. 

Number two

is it’s kind of instantaneous. I’ve heard my site owner clients say I’m not sure if the site’s working, or I’m not sure if this whole internet thing is us is for us. Right? If you’ve heard that, that’s probably because most business owners are a little bit old school and would prefer sort of the instant interaction of a customer phone call, as opposed to email where they have to action and get into the right person and reply or pick up the phone. Let’s just get the skip the middleman and get the customer interacting with the client as soon as possible. 

Number three

 this is probably my favorite, right when we talked about the customer saying, Oh, I’m not sure if this internet thing is for us, the whole office is alerted when new business comes to the door through the phone ringing, right. And that’s not the same story with CRM, contact forms, newsletter subscription, signups, all that stuff. So the high visibility and sort of direct ROI impact of phone calls cannot be understated for your local SEO customers. 

Not one of my favorites. 

And I talk about analytics and conversion tracking on this channel a lot. But we love Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. I’ve got a really cool guide for you to check out on my site if you’re interested. But using Google Tag Manager, I track all of my telephone clicks. And really, it makes talking with business owners as far as conversion, conversion tracking such a snap every month, and then you can justify your keep, right? It’s a lot easier to have that conversation when conversion tracking is setup. And the other thing is you can show your conversions and cool templates in Google Analytics will get you the sourcing which allows you to say hey, well, we have X amount of phone calls from organic paid, yada, yada, yada, so you can see what marketing campaigns in which initiatives are contributing to the bottom line. 


I’ve got a cool customizable button. If you want to check out, I’m really proud of this. But anyways, this is a customizable button that says call us on the mobile and you put the phone number here. And then on the desktop, it’s going to send you to a link of your choice. I love this play. In my last case study I talked about adding this mobile responsive button to the top of the sort of the above the fold of pages, increased conversion rate 300%. So yeah, definitely check out the blog on this if you’re interested in implementing this customizable, flexible HTML CSS button. But that’s it in a nutshell. I really love phone call conversions. 

please reach out with any phone call conversion questions in the chat. 

I’m happy to help out and don’t forget to like and subscribe. 

That was a shorter one today. 

We’ll see you next time. 

Thanks so much for watching. Bye

Phone Call Conversions for Local Businesses

Phone calls are awesome conversions to focus on if you are trying to make an impact in your Local SEO client or within your own business. Are phone calls the MOST important conversion for a local business? 

Let’s discuss why Phone Call Conversions are an impactful way to change a business’s bottom line.

1. Phone Calls are Low Friction

If you have done a good job with your content and website, customers feel comfortable picking up and calling you because you are a resource to them. 
Let’s not forget that most people are browsing your local site on their phone anyway and if your site is geared towards the phone, you can generate those calls without too much technical fuss. In my estimates, 60-70% or more of my local business site sessions are mobile/

2. Phone Calls are an "Instant Lead"

You might have heard this from a local business client if the phone isn’t ringing:

“Not sure if the site is working” or “Not sure if this whole internet thing is for us” Most businesses owners are “old school” and 

That’s because most business owners are old school would prefer the instant interaction vs emails.

3. Phone calls are a High Visibility

Again, the whole office is alerted to new business when the phone rings. No one doubts the contribution of the website if the phone is ringing more than usual. That may not be the same story with CRM Entries, Contact Forms on New Subscription Sign-Ups.

And with # 4, you will be able to demonstrate that the phone calls come from the web. 


4. Trackable

When the phone rings off the hook and a site owner can measure those calls from the web, no one has any doubts to the instant benefits of more phone calls. 

We love Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Using this awesome Google Tag Manager Phone Click Conversion guide, We have setup all our local sites to report on the number of phone calls and their sourcing. 

This makes conversations with the business owners a snap! 

Don’t forget to show the cool conversions in awesome templates!

5. Customizable

We love Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Using this awesome Google Tag Manager Phone Click Conversion guideWe have setup all our local sites to report on the number of phone calls and their sourcing. 

This makes conversations with the business owners a snap! 

Don’t forget to show the cool conversions in awesome templates!


<a href="tel:555-555-5555" class="button mobile-only"> Call Us </a>
<a href="/contact-us" class="button desktop-only"> Get A Quote</a>



					/* mobile / desktop CTA */
/* hide on desktop */
@media only screen and (min-width: 500px) {
display: none !important;
/*show only on desktop */
@media only screen and (max-width: 500px) {
	display: none !important;

Phone Calls are a powerful conversion for your website

We have a bias, Phone Calls might be our favorite conversion for our local SEO clients. 

We hope this post has demonstrated the value of business phone calls for your business or client. If you need help getting, tracking and logging more phone calls for your business contact us!

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