Essential SEO Tools 2021

Most of us have these dilemma, 

“I have a lot of content ideas – but haven’t done anything about it”

“I’ve scheduled time to write content each week and when that rolls around I freeze”

“I just stop or never did content marketing because I don’t know where to start or get lost”


We wanna show you some strategies on how to overcome these. 


Strategy 1.


Get Perfect Positioning by knowing your Audience

This strategy was told a million times before, but knowing your audience avatars and demographics are super helpful when positioning your content. You really need to know “Who am I talking to?”. If it helps you we created this little buttons that we have saved on trello when working on content. With that you can always go back to them and that really helps because you want to explore who these people are, what their need are, and how you can help them with your content. 

Strategy 2.


Know the Funnel 

(Position offer in your content to support conversions)

You want to make sure that you understand the funnel and you want to understand the different types of content that work in different portions or different segments of that funnel. The funnel is a sort of assessment of someone’s awareness as they go from a complete stranger to somebody who interacts with your brand. You can check out also that video to learn more about this.

Strategy 3.


Beat Writer’s Block by Getting Organized

Build a Content Calendar

Establish a publish interval (realistic)

Make it as easy  as possible to produce content 

Rinse, repeat

When you sit down and write a content the idea is that you know what you’re writing about. Our strategy is to write content on Thursday, and we don’t want to wait until Thursday morning for us to figure out what we’ll write about. The way you do that is by laying out all your content on a content calendar. You’re going to establish a publishing interval, a realistic one. You got to work on an interval that you can maintain. Probably, you want to work out all the bumps. Your first few pieces of content are going to take a quite long time to get started but rinse and repeat this process. It is going to be easier and if you stick with the cadence that you can work with. Having a content calendar will help you immensely because you’re not sitting down and wondering what am I writing about today. 

Strategy 4

Get a Schedule & Stick to it – Accountability Partner / Habit Tracker App

What you probably need is an accountability partner and a habit tracker app. Habit tracker app works perfectly fine because they annoy you at a related interval and say “Hey, have you done your content this week?” An accountability partner is a little different, 90% of us are solo on these projects whether it’s a client or a personal blog or a project. Having somebody you can meet with, at a regular interval to talk about goals is really important. 


Strategy 5.


Give Google What It Wants – Don’t Ignore Video


Incorporating videos sounds like a lot, we’re gonna add this link to Brian Dean’s discussion video on marketing. Basically, to kick it off he starts with 82 percent of all web traffic will be video in 2022. Google has already said that they like videos. We want to share with you an old story, back when websites were all written content, web developers were complaining because they had to add visuals, infographics, photos to the content. Now all of these websites have photos and everything and now the responsibility of the web developer to create engaging content bumped up a new level and google is going to expect more and more videos. You can check out incorporating video into your content marketing in 2021 because mostly we’re not in 2010 anymore. Broadband has allowed video to be ubiquitous, we spend more of our time watching videos like this one all day, so we can consider google’s request to have video. 


Strategy 6. 

Interview “Pen Shy” subject matter experts 

Professionals who have the knowledge and expertise that you need typically don’t have the time. They don’t have the writing skills nor do they want to write content, nor do they want to help you write content. So what we do is record interviews with writing adverse subject matter experts. We’re going to record interviews, transcribe them and make written content. Combining our keyword research with the interviews with the subject matter experts can achieve amazing content. We encourage you to do the same, subject matter experts are typically busy professionals that don’t have time to write content. If you’re writing content that’s outside of your expertise, so interview them, get them used to being on interview. You can transcribe interviews and make that content written. 


Strategy 7

(Grab this book)

One Hour Content Plan

Meera Kothand

One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand. We certainly encourage you everyone to check this book. 

Hey, Phil Mackie here, if you’re an SEO or webmaster or website owner, it’s likely that you’ve run into one or more of these, consider web crawling site auditing tools. I think these are quite powerful. And there’s a different use case for kind of each of these. So by the end of this video, I hope you have a good idea of which ones for you. Let’s get started.

All right, First up, we have Google Search Console, there’s a lot of reasons to still use Google Search Console. I know the new version isn’t quite as feature rich as the others. But there’s still a lot of cool stuff here. So I use it primarily to look at what keywords and pages are getting impressions and clicks, I still think there’s a lot of value in that. And you can look for coverage issues here, which is quite good. Submit your site maps, which is super important. And then last, there’s been so much focus on core web vitals that really to not have Google Search Console on your site is kind of puts you in a disadvantage. The cool thing is, I’ve created a video on how to get Google Search Console validated via domain validation, which I think is quite powerful. So I recommend you check that out. But there’s still a lot of reasons to do Google Search Console. Again, you get enhanced sort of performance pages can query data on clicks and impressions for your site. And then also you can submit Sitemaps.

I guess the last thing is core web violence has become such a big focus for Google that it’s really not a good idea to miss this opportunity to get data from Google itself. So hey, Up next, we have Bing Webmaster Tools. Now, I really do think Bing is putting a lot of effort into making their Webmaster Tools quite usable. And you’re getting a lot for, for free from Bing Webmaster Tools. Again, you have similar URL performance, which I think is important, you could submit your site maps. But what I think really helps is this SEO report.

Now every site is likely going to have some degree of optimization needed. And the cool thing is when you go into Bing Webmaster Tools, you can check out all of these Site Explorer sitemap stuff, but there’s a lot of value in auditing your site for SEO best practices using the SEO reports, again, being Webmaster Tools is free. And I have to share something with you, since you’ve already likely validated your site with Google Webmaster Tools. validating Be it via Bing Webmaster Tools is super easy, as long as you have Google Search Console domain installed. That’s how it does its validation. I’m not sure what agreement they worked out on, but they’re really trying to make it ease of adoption and ease of use. I think, quite frankly, the SEO reports are a lot more usable than some of the things that you get from Google Search Console. So in my book, Bing Webmaster Tools is likely one of those must haves, because if you already have Google Search Console, you can get in here and start using Bing Webmaster Tools right away at no cost, right. So I again, I the real value is in this SEO report. And I found that when I worked on these SEO report action items, my sites typically perform better because you’re addressing those SEO sort of problems. Alright, and we’ll move on to our next one. Okay, so the last one is h refs auditor, this is quite a thorough auditor, and it crawls your site about once a week, after you validate with Google Search Console domain validation. Again, similar to Bing Webmaster Tools, they made this way easy to get in there. If you have that Google domain validation completed, you get a health score.

And inside your weekly report card, you get action items that you can just go ahead and take care of in order to improve your health score. I can’t recommend this tool enough. And there’s all sorts of new features coming out all the time, I got to mention, really excited when I see h refs roll out a new feature, because quite often, they’re very well put together. Recently, they’ve done new linking internal linking opportunities, which I think is awesome. So I certainly am going to be checking this out. And they continually roll out with new stuff all the time. So

I can’t recommend this tool enough if you already have h refs. So this is a very thorough robust tool that’s going to give you sort of weekly report card for you to work on. And again, they’ve done a fantastic job.

I can’t recommend hrs enough. So now you’re probably wondering which one of these

Is is your best choice and not to give it all away. But I really think if you are an SEO contractor or if you are a web designer or someone who’s in charge of a website, maybe it’s a business website, I can’t recommend the three of these enough, right? Because not all the data is consistent across the board. With Google Search Console, you need to submit your sitemap and you want to get the core vitals with Bing Webmaster Tools, they’ve got a really great just SEO report strategy. And you can go in there and just work on this as well as improve your visibility within Bing. And then again, I think probably the 800 pound gorilla here is hrs audit, which I can’t recommend enough. So again, if you have Google Search Console validated through the domain validation, which I’ve shown in my previous video, you can get access to all three, assuming you have an HSA account, and I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t have all three. 

So I hope that’s helpful. Please let me know if this video has helped you kind of figure out which one’s best for you. 

Again, I think there’s a case to be made that all of them have their strengths and they all deserve a spot within your SEO toolkit. But if you have any questions, please reach out in the comments. 

Don’t forget to like and subscribe and I shall talk to you later. Thanks for watching. Bye

It’s Google versus Bing, Google versus Ahrefs and Google vs. Bing again! Which webmaster audit tool is best? Google Search Console (GSC), Bing Webmaster Tools or Ahrefs Audit? The answer depends on what you need to do with your website. In this article we will review the pros and cons of each webmaster audit tool so that you can make a more informed decision about which one to use for your site.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is Google’s free webmaster tool that provides a Google-centric view of your site. You can see information about Googlebot activity, Google indexing and more in this interface.  Google Search Console may not show all the Google sources that are crawling your site.

Google has a team of over 200 auditors who crawl web pages, index them and make sure they’re in good shape for Google visitors. Google’s crawlers will also find anything new you upload to your website or publish on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. Google Search Console can help you monitor Googlebot activity, track errors from Google crawlers or block unwanted visitors from your website with a robots.txt file.

Google Search Console’s pros include:

– Google crawlers can detect and report errors you might not see on your own.

– If search engines don’t find what they’re looking for, it may be because of a bad link pointing to the wrong URL or that content isn’t being crawled by our spiders. You’ll want to find out why and fix the problem.

– You can see how many pages Google crawlers have indexed per day, which tells you if your site is being crawled enough to rank well in search results.

– Allows you to block unwanted visitors from accessing your website with a robots.txt file.

Google Search Console’s cons include:

– You may not see all the Google sources that are crawling your site. This includes crawlers from other countries as well as third-party tools like Yandex, Bing or Ahrefs.

– It’s limited to only those who have a website and doesn’t include users of social media sites where you might be publishing content.

– Google’s crawlers only find anything new you upload to your website or publish on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube if the content is publically accessible.

Google Search Console pros outweigh cons because it provides a Google-centric view of your site so that you can see information about all aspects of what Google Google is crawling.


Bing Webmaster

One of the best webmaster tools is Bing Webmaster. It’s great because you can access it right there from, which makes it very convenient for those with limited time and resources to manage their website content on a regular basis. You don’t have to go looking around all over the place to find your webmaster tools and reports, they are all right there in one spot.

Bing Webmaster is a free service by bing that lets you manage your website content from bing search engine using simple text commands such as “index my site” or “add this to the index.” If bing discovers anything on your site that might not be according to bing’s webmaster guidelines (which bing has a nice description of on the site), bing will let you know via email and tell you what to do.

This webmaster tool is also great for monitoring your website content, bing will tell you when there are new or changed pages that need to be indexed.

Overall, the pros of Bing Webmaster include:

– quick and easy access from a convenient location – helpful alerts about broken links on any part of your site – provide feedback if there are any mis-steps with your site

The cons of Bing Webmaster:

– is that it only works for and you cannot access the data on a mobile device, which can be difficult if you have limited time to go through all your reports while away from a computer.

Ahrefs Audit

Ahrefs is one of the most popular webmaster tools because it offers a wide range of services that are helpful for tracking, monitoring and improving your online presence. Ahrefs has three main modules:

– Ahrefs Rank – shows you how to improve your ranking in Google search results

– Ahrefs Organic Keyword Research – helps you identify keywords that can bring you traffic

– Ahrefs Site Audits – finds out what is wrong with your website and how to fix it.

The Ahrefs Audit module allows users to investigate a site’s backlinks, crawling stats, keyword rankings, lost links, social media metrics and more. It also includes an automatic link search feature that Ahrefs calls “bulk analysis”.

Ahrefs also offers an Ahrefs Site Explorer tool that displays a page’s backlink profile by linking to the sources of those links.

Ahrefs Site Explorer also displays a site’s Ahrefs Rank, which is calculated based on the Ahrefs Rank for every page that links to it.

The pros of Ahrefs Audit are that it is fast and easy to use, has a wide range of metrics, provides information on site backlinks and lost links. The cons of Ahrefs audit include the limited number of reports available for free users. You can also only export one report at a time in CSV format with no advanced filtering options.


Google Search Console vs Bing Webmaster vs Ahrefs Audit summary:

The Google search console is an audit tool that provides information about the traffic coming to a website and how it’s indexed by Google. The Bing webmaster tools are similar but with some different features, such as site credits for publishing content on Microsoft properties like and BingNews. The Ahrefs audit is a tool that monitors the links to your website, how they affect rankings, where you need work and more detailed information about traffic sources than Google Search Console or Microsoft’s tools offer.


All three are valuable webmaster tools for different reasons; you should use them all to get the most information possible. They will each provide different insights, and you can choose which one best suits your needs at any given time.


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