September 9, 2022

Case Study: Google My Business Profiles helps Business Owners like You

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The Challenge:

Local Businesses Need Leads

If you are a small business owner you are inundated with advertisements that will get you more leads – lickey-split.

Almost daily someone will try to convince you they have the foolproof way to get more qualified customers to try and ultimately love your product or service.

Naturally, we understand how hard it can be to tune out the “noise”.

Lost in the marketing hum drum, there is a free tool you, as a business owner can use to increase the number of online calls, clicks and conversions on your local business website. Have you heard of it?

Google My Business

Does your company have one? Have you added fresh photos, content and announcements to keep the page lively?

If so, great! Otherwise, allow us to share with you some data from a project’s Google My Business Data.

We want to how Google MY Business tangibly affected our client’s business with data exported from their GMB property.

What the Client Needed:

  • New ways to get attention from Clients for their local business. The client also needed some Google My Business Help – which we were happy to provide.
  • A New Website – with experienced help to migrate their site

What TopSailDigital Provided:

  • SEO Best Practices – Enticing Call to Actions, Good Site Speed, Keyword Focused Content
  • Optimization for Client’s own Google My Business account

The Solution:

Google My Business Optimization

And Local SEO Targeting

What We Saw:

Pictured below is a 17 month chart of the client’s Google MY Business performance. Measurement is crucial to Digital Marketing and this data has been gathered using TopSailDigital’s standard local business analytics.

We can see in the months when the client didn’t pay attention to the site and the GMB profile, we say some of the lowest numbers.

Once the client shifted gears and began investing in Local SEO, we can see on average all metrics increased.

For this client, the most important GMB interaction was easily the Phone Calls. We were happy to increase the number of phone calls after our project commenced.

The Bottom line:

If you are a small business owner, then you know every customer call or walk in is a chance to win a life-long customer. You can start getting more business online using Google My Business today – and as we’ve seen, they can add up to change your business.

If you are ready to have Google My Business contribute new clients, appointments and service requests, you can start today for free.

If you want the help of Digital Marketers who have experience growing the businesses of owners like yourself, contact TopSailDigital.

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