Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a targeting geographic region using digital marketing strategies.

A Local SEO campaign is utilized by brick and mortar companies that want searchers from specific geolocation (Austin for example) and tries to drive traffic to their regional store or get service calls within their service area.

Recently, our team was training for Google Ads Specialist training courses and learned the following:
50% of all local searchers who did a local search visited a store within a day! (1)
86% of customers look up the location of a Business on Google Maps (2)
78% of location-based searches result in an offline purchase (2)

Who might need a Local SEO Expert?

If your company is a national brand, that only does ecommerce but doesn’t have regional locations, Local SEO isn’t quite for you. I would recommend learning more about SEO in general.

If you are a Baker in Austin, Texas, for example, and you wanted to get more customers in the door, Local SEO would be a great choice of digital marketing strategy. While there are many ingredients to the Local SEO mix, like local link citations from Google My Business or Yelp, the crown jewel in Local SEO would be the Google Map Pack.

We have helped many local SEO clients and some of the industries that we see most commonly are: Air Conditioning, Towing, Portable Restroom Rentals, Tree Trimming, Local Medical providers and Professional B2B Service Providers.

Let me share an example with you:

Local SEO Ranking Factors

How is my local SEO presence determined?

Your Local search position depends on a few factors.
Google has, in so many words, told us that in order to have a good standing (or a spot in the Google Local Pack) you will need to have some or all of these elements in a row:

A Google My Business Page – It’s free, do you have one yet? Check out our case study on Google My Business Optimization

Good Reviews on Google My Business Page – Are customers happy with the service.

Technical SEO Elements – Schema Microdata play into this. Anyone can add their own microdata to their site, but many business owners do not that advantage of this free upgrade.

A consistent NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) – Does your businesses name address and phone number match across the web on local citation sites? We’ve gone in greater depth in our Local Citations Blog Post.

Relevant Local Links – Local Links are great. Every time your volunteer or work with a community partner, it’s not a bad Idea to include your company site in the announcement, blog or press release. This cements your site as a community asset. Great job!

Considering a Local SEO Consultant?
You may not need a local SEO expert. Somethings can be done by yourself today for free. Here are some great resources to get you learning about Local SEO.

Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Brian Dean’s Backlinkto

Ready to get noticed in your Local Community?


1 – Google Ads Fundamentals Training –  
Get Google Ads TraIning Here

2- junto.digital/blog/seo-stats/

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