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Be ready for the Universal Analytics Cuttoff with a GA4 Migration

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Why consider a Google Analytics 4 Migration?

Universal Analytics (UA) is going to sunset - last sessions will register in late 2023. Universal Analytics has been a reliable way to track your web sessions for many years, but the platform is being retired by Google to make way for more robust tracking provided by Google Analytics 4. Additionally, there are concerns about the functionality of Universal Analytics since the web has changed so much since it's release.

You cannot migration your Google Analytics Data

Yes, it's a tough pill to swallow, but your Google Analytics 4 data is going to start blank. Google will not allow anyone to migrate their UA data to GA4. Meaning you are starting from scratch. It's recommended to start as soon as possible.

Running both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 is Recommended

The best way to cover this data gap is to have both Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics running at the same time. This is possible with Google Tag Manager and they will not interfere with one another. UA will continue to run until it's sunset date.

What is the process to migration Universal Analytics to Google Analytics?

  • Access - You provide us access to the Universal Analytics Account
  • Audit Universal Analytics - Check for any goals or Events that may need to be recreated
  • Build Google Tag Manager - Add a Google Tag Manager tag to your site if it's not already present
  • Create and Add GA4 - Create your new Google Analytics 4 account and add it to Google Tag Manager
  • Build UA Events in GA4 and GTM- Time to rebuild all those Goals, Events and KPI interactions that were identified
  • Test - Testing the interactions on the GA4 account to ensure everything is tracking

Get GA4 Help from a Analytics Specialist

We are here to help you through your Google Analytics 4 migration. We perfected our Google Analytics 4 launch with our own sites and our clients sites. Let us help you ensure there are no data gaps in your web traffic data.

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