August 9, 2021

Make an Amazing Digital Marketing Funnel

Learn how to make your website into an amazing digital marketing funnel that will move potential customers from awareness to engagement.

We often work with webmasters and business owners to improve their sites. 

One of the biggest missed opportunities we see with a site: It’s not attracting new customers. 

If you own a site and haven’t quite figured out how to use your site to attract new business, you aren’t alone. 

Most business owners think that they can cross “website” off their to-do list once the site launches. In reality,  there is more to a site than contact information, graphics and a few articles. Websites in 2021 are not postcards. 

A website is a way to attract, engage and enthrall new audiences online — not just a contact form. 

We’d like to help you understand how your site can contribute to new customers, new business and new opportunities. Here are five tips to creating a digital marketing funnel using your website to grow your  business now. 

Step 1: Understand The Funnel

Think of the funnel as the customer’s journey from “I have no awareness of this brand” to “I’m an avid follower of this brand.”

Customers often move through the funnel in a predictable way. 

It’s important to understand and differentiate the first three steps of the funnel that are crucial in attracting new customers.

Awareness Stage

Someone is aware of you, perhaps a referral or quick internet search. A user in the awareness stage has only slight familiarity with your business. 

Consideration Stage

This is the stage where your potential customers are evaluating your competition and comparing it to your brand. They are looking at you and making sure that what you offer is a good fit for them.

Conversion Stage

This stage is where potential customers become actual customers and get in touch with you to begin work or to buy your product.  

Step 2: Take Inventory

Take a look at what you have on your site currently. You are looking to make a listing of everything that increases brand awareness and influences attention or a willingness to buy. 

Consider the assets you have in digital marketing.  Write it all down and get a full inventory of those because they are very important in the next step. 

Step 3: Nail Top Of Funnel By Setting The Groundwork

The three steps at the top of your funnel are where you attract new customers. 

The first step, awareness, is all about how easy it is for customers to find you and access basic info about your business. 

You can hit this out of the park by having an easy-to-navigate website with all your services listed, social media profiles, a solid “who we are” description, privacy policy, terms of use, and other basic information. 

Make sure you include those assets that you found when you took inventory. 


These elements tell potential customers that your business is active and where they can find you. You are planting the seeds of trust and building an affinity to your brand. 

Step 4: Smash The Middle Funnel With Creative Offerings

Creative offerings will prove why you’re better with your competition. 

Here is an example of how you can list these offerings:

  • Professional Whitepapers/Case Studies
  • Customer Testimonials/Reviews
  • Detailed Video of your Services
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Awesome How-Tos and Guides
  • Remarketing Via Paid Ads


Make sure that you have also applied adequate hooks to get your customers’ attention and leave them wanting to learn more.  

Step 5: Position Your Site To Convert With Bottom Funnel

This step is crucial. Your website should provide simple, direct ways that your buyer or customer can connect with you. You want these to be frictionless and make sure you give a few options. 

On your website, you can convert by including:

  • Contact Forms
  • Appointment Booking Buttons
  • Request Demo
  • Phone Call 
  • Email Contact 

Make it easy for your customer to contact you and get them working with you as soon as possible.

Bottom Line 

Understanding the funnel will get you thinking like a potential customer. 

With these five steps, you will have a website that functions as a digital marketing funnel. And you can keep adapting your site as your business grows.

We hope you these Content Marketing Strategies will help you conquer any content marketing obstacles you may encounter!


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