How to create a Powerful, comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan for your Credit Union?

Credit Union SEO

SEO for Credit Unions is not like leveraging a national brand. Credit Unions, by design, are built to serve a specific community.
The Digital Marketing Strategy for your Credit Union should reflect your “community-first” approach.

We are passionate about local SEO and your Credit Union needs to drive foot traffic, phone calls, new appointments to increase membership. 

Although we offer Digital Marketing for Credit Unions as a service, we are so confident in our processes. You can study the best practices for Credit Union Digital Marketing below.

Why are we giving away our Credit Union Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you are expecting a “cheat” or a “hack” or a “shortcut” – we are sorry.  Our Digital Marketing Plan has no “secret sauce” or “magic bullet”.

Our Digital Marketing Plan has no “secret sauce” or “magic bullet”. This Digital Marketing Plan is built with hard work, coordination, collaboration, and data.

There are 5 components to what we believe to be ingredients for a successful Credit Union Digital Marketing Plan:

Topic 1 - Content Creation
Topic 2 - Conversion / Leads / Reporting
Topic 3 - Local SEO
Topic 4 - Technical SEO
Topic 5 - New or Existing Campaign Support

Relevant Content Creation

Google and your Users love content. If your website is leveraging fresh content with relevant offers, you can achieve content and Credit Union growth at the same time.

Relevant Content Creation through Keyword Research

This step help you find your most relevant keywords with a keyword research tool like Ahrefs. There are many keyword research tools online but we like to analyze content through SEOSurfer and Ahrefs.

Content Calendar 

After the keyword research is done, we recommend organizing your new content from a 12-month view if possible. This gives you a “top down” view of all the content expected to be produced in the next year and you can evaluate what costs and assets are required to create.

Monthly Content Topic Focuses

We strongly recommend creation a 12 month content calendar that enables you to create content that supports your most important financial products (EG: Auto Loans) or tie in with community events.

Focusing on a new topic each month lets you saturate a topic with 3-4 well-researched pieces of content and each one can go into deeper concepts that build on one another.

Local Alignment to build Google and Community Trust

Local Trust through Events

We know Credit Unions are local heroes and sponsor tons of community events. Each time you help out a local organization, asking for a link back to the site will build local trust in Google’s and in your user’s eyes.

Local Content

Write about the things happening in your area. Not every Credit Union has the same story to tell.

Talk about your offerings and how it connects to your community. Positioning your message to an underserved population or speak directly to local business owners’ concerns resonate better than generalized financial product pages.

Get on Google Maps!

Being visible on Google Maps is possibly the biggest driver of customer interactions for local businesses. Your customers are SUPER comfortable finding things on Google Maps.Everything below is intended to increase your Google Maps visibility.

Google My Business Optimization -

Google My Business is such a big and often neglected part of Local SEO. Each Branch needs its own Google My Business Page with Unique names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Google loves unique photos of lobbies, events, storefronts. So it’s best to make sure you have logos, storefronts, locals, and maybe even a few events on this page. 

Each GMB profile should have a uniquely written description.  It’s a good idea to reference the location somehow with a landmark or two.

EG:  “Located in the Tall Oaks Plaza off the 87 Highway. We are next to the …”

Review Management

We know this is tough, but it’s recommended to reply to every Google Review, regardless of if it’s a Good Review or a Bad one. Try to understand the 1-star reviewers. 

If you can turn a 1-star review into a 5-star review through listening and customer service, that is a huge win.

A Quick Word on 1 Star Reviews:

These often volatile and emotional reviews may be helpful. Look for similar reviews – is there a pattern? Please consider addressing it,

On one hand, a 1 Star Review might be customers who are aggressive or having a bad day. Reply and be polite, consider them as if their dispute is legitimate – and move on!

Location Pages for Each Branch on your Website

Just as each of your branches needs a GMB profile, you will need to have a unique page for each location with the unique location Name, Address, and Phone number visible. This helps Google register unique locations for each branch.

Name Address and Phone Number

Your Business, Name, Address, and Phone number is the profile that Google uses “built” an online entity and shares it with the rest of the world. 

See our blog post for more on the details of your Local SEO Name Address and Phone Number.

Conversion / Leads / Reporting

Here’s where the rubber meets the proverbial road. If we have completed all the above steps, valuable web traffic will likely start showing up on the site. With Lead Tracking and Reporting, Credit Unions can understand how users are ending up and behaving on their site.

Financial “Product Pages”

Each one of your most important offers needs to have it’s own page on the site (EG: Home Mortgage Application, New Membership Applications)

Using our affiliate marketing and eCommerce experience, we noticed that many credit unions have weak “product” pages. Having well written, easy on the eyes and compelling financial product pages help generate those valuable site interactions like mortgages or new membership applications.

Lead Tracking Google Analytics Conversions

Google Analytics is a tool offered for free to the webmaster who wants to understand how users interact with the site. We love Google Analytics and it is the platform we use to track Conversions on your site.


Our Credit Union Google Conversions are likely: New Membership Applications, New Loan Applications and so on. 


Long story short: Our Google Analytics code is configured to fire when a user does something valuable on the site (eG: Mortgage Application Submission or New Membership Application). 


With each new member or loan application completed, a digital “receipt” will be created and stored. 

Reporting with Google Data Studio

Remember how we configured the site to fire a piece of code when our most valuable user interactions offer on the site? 


We now count those “goal conversions” and report on them with a beautiful dashboard. This is not a mandatory step, but everyone loves seeing the data in a beautiful dashboard.

Technical SEO

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the practice of getting a great % of your visitors to “convert” (EG: Fill out a new membership application or loan agreement).


By using our Google data Studio report and campaign testing, it’s best to make sure your product pages are performing.

Mobile Readiness

This used to be a debate – but there’s no way around it now. If your site stinks on mobile it’s going to cost you. 


Close to 70% of all web traffic is mobile traffic – make sure your site doesn’t disappoint on a phone.

New or Existing Campaign Support

Although we’ve laid a great digital marketing foundation, we aren’t done just yet. Finding ways to align your tracking and your campaign goals is the best way to evaluate which campaigns are working and which aren’t performing.

Build New Campaigns

Stay vigilant and launch campaigns that conform to the high reporting standard we have established. 


    • Setup conversion tracking on the campaign landing pages

    • Align campaigns with keywords and content for amazing landing pages that speak to the audience’s needs at the time

    • Report on those conversions as campaign launches

    • Tweak, revise & relaunch

Support Existing Campaigns

You can always go back and set up your old campaigns to have a higher degree of reporting clarity too.

If your most valuable campaigns do not have a conversion ready landing page to go with it, get that built and start tracking data.


We’ve been talking at length about digital optimization, campaigns conversion tracking mobile speed, and all this techno-jargon 

But really this is all a long way of saying: 

Digital Marketing can be a valuable source of qualified new members if positioned well. 

Digital Campaigns are only as valuable as the real-world impact that they create.

Align your site, reporting, campaigns, and get the benefit of full marketing alignment. The rewards are New Members, New Loans, New Business, and a Happy Community Credit Union!

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