August 9, 2021

Create an Amazing Content Calendar with these Tips

Learn the most common obstacles to creating content and how to overcome them. Start creating fresh content as part of a well designed plan.

If you are an aspiring content creator, you may have dealt with the following dilemma: You have many ideas, but struggle to produce content on a consistent basis. 

Maybe these scenarios sound familiar:

 “I’ve scheduled time to write content each week but when that hour rolls around, I freeze.”

 “I end up giving up or don’t even try when it comes to content marketing because I don’t know where to start.”

 “I just can’t find my motivation.”

These are common blocks to creating content, but we have some simple ways to overcome them and start creating an amazing content calendar.

Know The Audience

You may have heard this advice a million times before, but it is still an important first step. Before you can start writing, you need to know who you are talking to with your content. 

Knowing your audience avatars and demographics will help position your content. We created these little buttons that we have saved on Trello to use as a reference when working on content. 

They are a reminder that when it comes to your audience, you want to understand who they are, what their needs are, and how your content can help them.  

Know The Funnel

Make sure that you understand how your content is moving your audience through a funnel and the different types of content that will work in each section of that funnel. 

By segmenting your audience this way, you are assessing a person’s brand awareness as they go from complete stranger to a person who interacts with your brand.

Check out this video about building funnels to learn more.

Get Organized And Beat Writer's Block

Organization kills writer’s block. 

 When you sit down and write a content, you should already know exactly what you are writing about. If you plan to write content on Thursday, don’t want to wait until Thursday morning to figure out what to write about. 

 Laying out all your content on a content calendar is a game changer. Establish a publishing interval and make it realistic. Work on an interval that you can maintain. 

 It will take time to work through all the bumps in the road. Your first few pieces of content are going to take a long time but keep repeating this process and it will get easier. You will get into a rhythm and improve at writing content with practice. 

 Having a content calendar will help you immensely because you’re not sitting down and wondering, “What am I writing about today?”

 You should choose topics that you are most passionate about to get started. Keep a running list of content ideas that you can add to when inspiration hits so that you always have fresh ideas to add to your calendar. 

 Adding these ideas should be an ongoing process, not just something you focus on when it’s time to write.

Get An Accountability Partner

Roughly 90% of us are working solo on projects. 

 Whether you are working for a client or on a personal project or blog, the lack of accountability can be a big stumbling block. 

 One solution for this is to get an accountability partner or a habit tracker app. Habit tracker apps work by annoying you at regular intervals to say “Hey, have you done your content this week?” 

 An accountability partner is a little different, in that you have someone to meet with regularly to talk about goals and the progress you are making. 

Find someone in your field who understands your process and hold each other accountable. Or hire a coach who specializes in accountability. 

Consider Video Creation

Incorporating videos may be an intimidating idea, but it’s worth the effort. 

 Consider Brian Dean’s discussion video on marketing. He kicks it off by forecasting that 82% of all web traffic will be video in 2022. Google has already said that it likes videos, so this prediction makes sense. 

 And think about this: Back when websites were all written content, some web developers were resistant to adding visuals, infographics and photos to their content. Today every website you visit has these elements. 

 We aren’t in 2010 anymore. Broadband has made it so that videos are more widely accessible. Videos are everywhere and a lot of us spend our time watching videos. 

 It is still expected that web developers will create content that is engaging and evolves over time. Right now, that means including more videos. 

Interview Subject Matter Experts - Stop Asking Them For Content

Professionals who have the knowledge and expertise that you need may not have the time or the writing skills to regularly create content covering their areas of expertise. 

You may be able to get one of these experts to sit down with you and talk about areas of interest. Record the interviews with them, transcribe it and combine it with keyword research for awesome written content.

 Seek out these busy professionals who typically don’t have time to write content and see if you can get a meeting. This is especially helpful if you are writing content that’s outside of your expertise.

 Most people like to talk about their areas of expertise and you can learn something new while getting some great material to use to create content. 

Grab This Book

The One Hour Content Plan: The Solopreneur’s Guide to a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas in 60 Minutes and Creating Content That Hooks and Sells, by

Meera Kothand offers additional in-depth advice for developing your content calendar.

I highly recommend this book because it forced me to get even more structured with my ccontent creation goals.

After working in SEO for so long, my content creation plan needed a fresh outlook and I am so thankful that I found this book online!


Much of this post is to point out that preplanning and scheduling is just as important as content creation.

Content Editing and Planning doesn’t need to be a chose. Use the steps above to systematize and create amazing content this year.


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