A Partner's Site needed a Boost & Hosting Migration

30% increase in Monthly Revenue after Hosting Migration & Technical SEO Fixes

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The Challenge:

A Promising Site - with Technical Opportunities

The Online Affiliate world is a tough Digital Marketing Landscape. 

We partnered with a site owner to grow their online reach. The site was leveraging Affiliate Channels to increase their monthly revenue, but they found that monthly revenue had been dropping. 

Preliminary analysis revealed some technological hurdles that were holding the (otherwise successful) site back. 

We found that the site’s hosting plan was creating a slow customer experience and some SEO best practices hadn’t been followed. 

The Solution:

A New Fast Hosting Plan and a Technical SEO Audit

Once we identified that site speed was preventing customers from having the best User Experience possible, we migrated to a faster WordPress-specific hosting plan. 

Furthermore, the site needed some technical help. We applied our SEO best practice knowledge and religiously followed the recommendations of Google Search Console. 

The holiday season of 2020 proved to be a good month for the site, since the site was positioned highly for some hot search terms that the site previously hadn’t seen before. 

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The Results

1 %
More Monthly Revenue after Migration and Fixes

Through our efforts, the client reported on average 30% more monthly revenue vs. previous months

1st PAge Results during the Holiday Shopping Season

New Customer Potential During the Busy Season for Retailers

1 %
Organic Traffic Growth Year Over Year

This site continues to out-pace previous years in terms of Organic Traffic

There’s no secret to success. All of our Digital Marketing Success stories come from Strategic Planning, Scheduling of SEO Practices that “move the needle” and consistent effort over a timeline. 

We were happy to help this partner’s site grow and achieve new site visibility. 

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