Helping a Regional Credit Union

Increase Monthly Loan Applications 111%

The Challenge:

Hometown heroes, but no Web Visibility

First Service Credit Union is a 10 location credit union in Houston, Texas with over $700M in assets. Unfortunately, their organic search visibility was practically non-existent. 

We partnered with the Marketing Team at FSCU to lay out a plan of success but we had to get organized & strategize!

The site also had technical SEO issues hurting their overall rankings and conversions (new customers and new loans). 

As a result, they were only generating 26 new membership applications per month from organic search. 

The Solution:

Content Coaching & Technical SEO

After a thorough SEO audit, we resolved their most pressing technical SEO issues holding them back. With so many locations and nobody on staff with the expertise or man hours to fix these issues, they’d never have been resolved without Top Sail Digital’s help. 

Fixing the technical issues also dramatically boosted conversion rates, meaning a higher percentage of the site’s visitors either applied for membership or a loan. 

Top Sail Digital also provided First Service Credit Union with keyword research and content coaching. The content we created together not only resonated with their target audience, but also ranked well in Google, driving evergreen traffic to their site long after publication.

And to top it all off, we created an opt-in strategy with the content to turn those clicks into customers. 

group planing about conversion plan

The Results

1 %
More Membership Applications

During the course of our campaign, Top Sail Digital increased the client’s monthly membership applications by 897%

1 %
More Loan Applications

Top Sail Digital also helped First Service Credit Union increase their monthly loan applications by a whopping 111%

1 %
More Organic Traffic on Site

Lastly, we increased their monthly organic traffic by 60%, increasing the credit union’s search visibility and  consistently driving new memberships.

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