Case Study: 311% Conversion Increase – PPC for B2B SaaS

Working with Business SaaS clients is a rewarding challenge. In my previous post, TopSailDigital shared that Business SaaS SEO clients are data-driven, focused on ROI and understand the value of a developed digital marketing plan. In our case study below, our client is no different. This client is a Business SaaS company in the B2B CRM space.

TopSailDigital was engaged to help them with their digital marketing plan from top to bottom. But we saw the most dramatic results in their Google Ads Performance.

We were enlisted to help this client by their Marketing team after a few attempts at creating Google Ad Campaigns and the project commenced in January of 2019.

What the client needed:

  • New Google Ad Campaigns
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Google Platform Management (Google Analytics and Google Search Console)
  • Conversion Tracking Overhaul

What TopSailDigital Provided:

  • New Google Data Studio Reports
  • Keyword Research for Targeted Ad Campaigns
  • New Handwritten, Industry Specific Google Ads
  • Campaign Monitoring and Optimization after releases
  • Refined Targeting: Remove Invalid Traffic

What We Saw:

 After 18 months of working with the client, we looked backwards in our monthly client reporting. Through targeted Google Ads campaigns, landing page and conversion tracking optimization, we achieved a 173% increase in clicks from all Google Ads.

But we didn’t just see an increase of clicks, here’s the Google Ad performance stats of 12 months over the last 12 months:

  • +311% in Conversions
  • +173% in Clicks
  • +16% in Click Through Rate
  • +49% in Conversion Rate
  • -60% in Cost Per Conversion
  • -41% in Average Cost Per Click


While the clicks of this campaign are increasing, we found optimization and landing page opportunities to drive down costs, resulting more and cheaper clicks to targeted landing pages.

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