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Increase Conversions 311%, Decrease Cost Per conversion 60.7%

The Challenge:

Overpaying for conversions without tracking ROI

The client (who asked to remain anonymous) was spending far too much across all channels without tracking the return on investment.

Between Google Ads, SEO and countless social channels, the client was blowing through adspend without accurately tracking ROI.

Their frivolous spending lead to overpriced leads and a ton of wasted money.

They knew driving conversions with PPC/SEO was important, but they were stretched too thin to give these channels the attention they needed. 

The Solution:

Optimized Google Ads Campaigns

We started with a custom Google Data Studio report to see where the client was getting most of their best opportunities, and how much they were paying for them. The report also showed areas of weakness in their digital strategy we needed to eliminate. 

Following extensive keyword research, handwritten Google ad copy, landing page optimization, 

After extensive keyword research, refined conversion tracking, handwritten ads designed to raise quality scores, and conversion rate optimization, we saw some insane results. 

The Results

1 %
Increase in total conversions

During the course of our campaign, Top Sail Digital increased the client’s conversions by more than 4x

1 %
Increase in Conversion Rate

Their top landing pages were capturing 49% more people than prior to working with Top Sail Digital

1 %
Decrease in Cost per Conversion

Best of all, we slashed their cost per conversion by 60%, which helped them profitably scale their campaigns.

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