How TopSailDigital
Will 10x C3’s Organic Search Traffic

Thank you for the opportunity, Sungha and Angelo!
We’re excited to help C3 reach the next level through SEO. We did an
analysis and found tremendous opportunities for organic growth. Let’s dive right in:

1. Optimize Mobile Loading Speed

1571 pages score less than 80 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

The biggest part of Google’s Core Web vitals is page loading speed,
and it is a confirmed ranking factor. We’ll work with your developers to
optimize loading speed on both desktop and mobile.

2. Reduce Duplicate Content from 19% to 5%

Some content is duplicated across multiple pages.

We’ll work with your writers to make every page unique on your website.
The goal is to have less than 5% duplicate content.

3. Improve Crawlability and Indexability for 166 Pages

166 pages are more than four clicks deep into the site architecture.

We’ll create a strategy for moving those pages higher up into the architecture and increasing
internal link coverage (1194 pages have less than 4 internal links).

4. Upgrade 638 Pages to Attract More Organic Traffic

337 pages are receiving organic traffic right now:

However, 638 pages are getting no organic traffic
(according to Ahrefs):

There are many reasons, but the biggest culprits are:

Keyword Cannibalization
“Keyword cannibalization” occurs when multiple pages are targeting the same keyword.
For example, you guys have two pages (A & B) targeting “enterprise artificial intelligence”:

We’ll identify all instances of keyword cannibalization and develop a plan for resolving it.

Thin Content
Over 341 pages have less than 1,000 words.

For example, there is a slew of
forgotten category pages
that can be repurposed or hidden: 

Content Quality
We took one of the top pages and ran them through Hemingway Editor:

And then through Grammarly:

Both tools show lots of opportunities to improve the quality of the content.

On-Page Optimization

Even pages that perform well need more optimization (which means you’re missing out on organic traffic).
For example, the page targeting “regularization machine learning” scores a 28 on Surfer.

The top two competitors score 40 +. We’ll want to match or exceed them.

5. Optimize for 400 +
Low-Hanging Fruit Keywords

Your site is ranking for over 400 keywords between positions #2 – #15. Including #8 for the keyword “ai”!

We’ll move these keywords up the SERPs with some content upgrades, on-page SEO, CTR optimization, and link building.Also:We’ll need to standardize URL optimization to avoid years, numbers, and filler words.Otherwise, all future content updates will require a 301 redirect (which can dilute authority).

For example, this url:

A more effective structure is:

Then we would update it every year, and we’ll have the flexibility to include more tips without creating incongruence in the URL.

6. Create New SEO-Driven
Content for 900 + Untapped Keywords

We analyzed a few of your organic search competitors and found 900 + keywords with 100 +
search volume and Keyword Difficulty of 10 or less.

With a proper SEO content strategy, you’ll be able to rank for these keywords.As a result, you’ll build more topical authority, making ranking for the more competitive keywords easier in the future.Keep in mind:

This is only a small sample set of opportunities. Next, we’ll build a keyword database of thousands of keyword opportunities in your vertical.

7. Optimize for E-A-T

E-A-T may not be a direct ranking factor, but it likely works with other factors to determine rankings.In short:It needs to be clear that your informational content is written or fact-checked by a subject matter expert.


We’ll work with your developers to optimize for E-A-T.EG:

This is only a small sample set of opportunities. Next, we’ll build a keyword database of thousands of keyword opportunities in your vertical.

Who is  Jeff Krueger and Mike Oliver and why do we want to listen to them?

8. Acquire More Backlinks

Your website authority is off to a great start, but we need to optimize the strategy.
First, we’ll need to drive backlinks to pages that have zero.

According to Ahrefs, 254 pages (14% of your total indexed pages) have zero backlinks. Meaning an 86% link saturation rate - Which is great!

To put it in perspective, most sites have 90% of their site with zero backlinks.

We can distribute that link equity to other pages.

Second, we’ll drive backlinks to pages that are already performing well but need a boost.

These are pages with keywords ranking between positions #2 – #15.Working with PR team, we’ll identify interview opportunities. 

How We’ll Help

Create SEO Content Briefs
We’ll create SEO content briefs for every new keyword.
These briefs will guide your writers to create content that ranks.

Optimize New Content
Once the writer finishes the content, we’ll run it through our editorial and optimization process before it goes live.

Optimize Existing Content
We’ll work with your writers to upgrade existing content, and we’ll handle the on-page SEO.
Plus, we’ll lead the optimization process for all thin, duplicate, and cannibalized content.

Acquire Backlinks
We’ll acquire editorial backlinks using two types of links:
Edits –
We’ll find existing content on relevant websites and negotiate to land a link.
Guest Posts –
We’ll create content for relevant websites and link to your content within the body of the article.

SEO Advising
We’ll work with your development team to optimize all technical-related opportunities and will support your content team by creating briefs and optimizing content for organic search.

Analytics Package

C3 Team has identified that it's important to have accurate analytics early on in this project.

We have seen some tagging opportunities thus far:

We are attaching a 30 day Analytics project to our launch to get a correct Google Analytics 4 implementation.

SEO + Analytics Investment Options

Next Steps
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Frequently Asked Questions
How big is your team?
We have 5 team members who support all aspects of our SEO campaigns including copywriting, development, design, optimization, and analytics.

Will Phil be involved in the SEO campaign?
Absolutely! Phil is our SEO director and leader. He commits to every SEO campaign and supports our SEO teams.

Do you outsource your SEO work?
Yes. We may from time to time use external link vendors to maximize link acquisition.

Our SEO Results


I have worked with Phil now for more than a year and look forward to continuing our working relationship long-term. When our company set out to upgrade client reporting, we were looking for someone with a unique skillset and work ethic - and Phil checked all of the boxes. His knowledge of analytics, conversions, custom reporting, automation, and streamlining a variety of mediums to relay campaign performance in a way that our clients could understand - is top-notch! He is patient, positive, and always willing to help find a solution. We started out with building custom reports and now we look forward to Phil helping us with SEO, conversion tracking, content-building, and much more.

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Phil is a true data-driven marketing professional. I highly recommend him to any company that's looking for a holistic web presence that is focused on converting traffic to sales.

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Phil is a digital marketing all-star. He is knowledgeable in all things digital from SEO, to PPC, and overall web marketing. He has the ability to truly take companies to the next level. I highly recommend Phil if you are looking to improve your online presence.

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Phil is a true professional that cares about getting results and making sure you are happy with them! He truly cares about his clients and quickly converts them to friends.His attention to detail (trust me, there is a ton of it in SEO!), customer service and creative problem solving make him stand above the competition. He puts his heart and soul into each project!I highly recommend working with Phil if you want to be treated like a rockstar!! Phil's leadership would be a huge asset to any team!

Craig Hubbard

"My site was performing at around a score of 40 or 50 (out of 100) on the Google PageSpeed Insight tool, and one page in particular was only getting a 19!Within about 1 to 2 hours, he was able to get my speed up to a 92 out of 100! He even took the time to explain WHAT he was looking at, and HOW he was fixing each problem (teaching me how to fish).I would HIGHLY recommend Phil for your SEO needs, and especially for improving the speed of your site."

Kevin Young
Owner of Kyecom

"I've worked on many accounts with Phil and he's always been very helpful, going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure clients are happy. He's a master at client interaction, on-site SEO and link building. In addition, he's always bringing new ideas to the table, and is constantly striving to learn more about digital marketing."

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"Phil is an excellent SEO and an asset to any team that I highly recommend. In my time working with Phil, I was constantly impressed with his technical SEO knowledge, his ability to implement and track strategy, as well as his skill at managing client expectations while going above and beyond to deliver results."

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"Phil came into the picture at a key moment in the development of our business at Pro Valet. He was patient, versatile, easy to work with, and never hesitated to go the extra mile so we could fully understand and tailor his services to suit our unique needs."

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"Phil is a self-training self starter. When he encounters a problem, he researches solutions and brings them to the conference table."

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