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About TopSailDigital

Hello, this is Phil Mackie, founder of TopSailDigital. 

My obsession with the internet began in the early ’90s when my father brought home his first home computer.

I can’t remember if it was a Tandy – but the images on the Yellow on Black screen were from the internet. I didn’t understand it at the moment but the internet was going to change all of our lives as broadband internet rolled out into everyone’s homes. Thus the age of the Internet in the US began.

A few years later, my father was recycling some old desktops from work. I was 15 at the time and I disassembled the PC in my bedroom, curious how the device worked.

I was dismayed when it wouldn’t start (whoops!). And I had to rebuild the whole thing piece by piece until it started correctly. I have been building and working on my own computers since.

TopSailDigital’s Start:

We were founded in June of 2017, but my Digital Marketing career began in 2015 when I took a remote position at my first REAL SEO job.

I was working with a certain Remote SEO agency and I learned about client management as an account executive and then later became the SEO on the team who loved to dive into the sticky and technical SEO projects.

After moving to Austin, I found many more digital marketers and SEOs with whom I share ideas, projects and goals.

It’s been a life-changing experience. One of my favorite things (besides the tacos and music) about this wildly electric city is just how many brilliant people work within a few miles of the city.

I’ve met tech entrepreneurs, (literal) rockstars, innovators, visionaries and just downright great people here.

Intended to be more than a love letter from me to the color blue, I started this company to offer a no-bull take on SEO, Digital Marketing, B2B and B2C digital services. Now I’m happy to offer SEO services in Austin, TX to my clients all over the USA.

My Digital Marketing career propelled me to work as an SEO Freelancer with amazing clients in many different niches including Biotech, Healthcare, Finance, Startups, Local Service Providers, Dental, Business SaaS and more.

What I like most about being my own Digital Marketing agency as well as an SEO Freelancer is that I offer my (experienced based) opinion on your campaign, your site, and your digital presence.

With no hidden agenda and a desire for your company to succeed on the web, I want to tangibly contribute to your company’s growth through Digital Marketing.

Our Mission Statement sums this up:

“We aim to be a distinguished resource on the web, providing great resources for those in search of learning these skills and results to clients in need of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign planning strategies.

Our success relies on our agility, past experiences working with unique clients and a belief in our data-driven digital marketing process to make your business grow online.”

Pretty simple. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact me.

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