Find your most valuable site "Calls to action", layouts and more with A/B Testing

“What is ab testing?” “Who needs to be aware of ab testing?” “How does ab testing work?” These are questions that many people have when they hear about this new marketing strategy. AB Testing allows you to identify your most valuable marketing initiatives, your most valuable messaging, and your most valuable marketing campaigns. 

TopSail Digital has helped clients make more money from their sites after utilizing A/B testing.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is when two or more slightly different versions of a webpage are graded on website user metrics. Experiments typically have set start and end dates and after the end date, the experiment is over. It can usually be seen which one was better after comparing the statistics. SEOs always test and A/B test their sites to find out what works best for them and their clients.

How does A/B Testing Work?

A/B testing is when we divide the website into different lines that all visit different pages. The traffic is divided equally to all of these lines and then we look at how many people go to each page. After the experiment, we usually pick the best page and make it live on our site. You compare which page is better, then push that one live.

With the help of a trusted ab optimizer, start your site’s roadmap to success today!

We we have used A/B Testing for our Clients

We help our clients with A/B Testing. A few ways we have helped our digital marketing clients:
  •  Google PPC Testing – PPC Specialists use A/B testing inside the Google Ads Platform. This allows us to identify the best campaign settings, demographics, and bidding strategies. Having experimental data makes that decision-making easier.
  • Landing Page Conversion Optimization – Working with an ecommerce customer, we created an experiment to test different calls to action on blog pages. After our experiments, the client is making more many than ever from the blog and organic traffic.
With the help of a trusted ab optimizer, start your site’s roadmap to success today!

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